One with the whiskered

My daughter just finished her monthly exam, and I finished my work earlier than expected. Since it’s Saturday, the next thing that comes to my mind is, of course – RELAX! Yay!

Taking advantage of my free time, I accompanied my sister-in-law to a coffee shop in Las Piñas called Le Cat Coffee Shop. By the word itself it is a coffee shop that houses 10 cats, more or less, of different breeds where the guests can bond with.

Cat Lounge

Learn to communicate

I am not a cat-lover (or so I thought!) but since it is something new; I decided to give it a try. And I must say I have no regrets. I was able to take pictures with them, play with them, put them to sleep, eat with them (errr, watch them eat!) or even talk to them (as if I will ever get a response!). Or basically cuddle them.

Honestly, the place doesn’t look like what I have in mind so I got a little disappointed when we finally arrived. But overall, for the cats alone and the experience that goes with it, Le Cat Coffee Shop is a good place to go. Kinda stress buster indeed!

If you also want to visit, there are a couple of things that you need to take note of –

  1. Register in their logbook. I wondered why but based on research, it is because the place can only accommodate so much and will be asked to wait for your turn in case the “play” area gets crowded. Half of the place is the coffee shop where you can lounge away from the cats (why would you do that in Le Cat Coffee Shop?!). Luckily, when we arrived, there were only 2 people inside so there’s no need to sit around and wait.
  2. To maintain cleanliness, you must use hand sanitizer and change your footwear with the slippers that will be provided before going in. Your shoes will be kept at its designated area.
  3. There are rules to observe. Take note that you will be dealing with animals and you will never know what they could do if provoked, so it’s always the best to take precaution.
  4. The menu may be a bit pricey but understandably because you will have moments with the cats as an additional perk.
  5. On weekends, the place is open between 2-9 pm. You’ll have 1 or 2 hours bonding time with the cats, extendible at a fraction of a cost.
  6. You can get loyalty card wherein with 10 visits you’ll have one visit for free.



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