Trying to be fit… Anytime!

Back in the day, I used to workout using a TV and a DVD player as equipment. My officemates would turn the pantry into a gym by simply moving all the tables and chairs to the side creating a space for us to move around. When my “gym” buddies became active in joining Fun Run, exercise was taken off my list of regular activities.

I’m neither fat nor sexy. It’s just that the shape of my body is not proportioned to my height and weight. Thank God for the latest fashion trends that I was able to hide all those imperfections enough to deceive anyone except my husband!😉 More importantly, my age is when the onset of signs and symptoms of diabetes, hypertension and other dreadful diseases may start to manifest. Again, thank God I don’t experience those yet but given our family background I’d like to keep myself fit and healthy the best way I could.

In time, I felt like my tummy wants to have a life of its own – so to speak! This led me to inquire at Anytime Fitness in an effort to bring it back to “normal” form. Located at various parts of the world, this fitness center is another innovation in the gym world giving you access to its facilities 24/7. Yup! Anytime Fitness is literally any time. It is said to have around 3,000 branches in 20 countries and expected to grow more like mushrooms because it is open for franchise (hello business people!🤑👋). One sprouted in the nearby area so with a bit of impulsiveness, I signed up together with my husband and sister-in-law.

If becoming a member interests you, take note of the following before signing up –

  1. The monthly membership fee costs Php2,700, Php2,500 and Php2,300 with a lock-in period of 6 months, 12 months and 18 months, respectively. In addition, you will pay, but only once, for the Key Fob that will serve as your access to the gym the amount of which depends on the membership terms availed of. You will pay even more should you wish to have a personal trainer. The fees are payable in cash or through credit card.
  2. You will have unlimited access to all gym equipment. They also conduct group exercises which will proceed even with at least 2 participants. Take note that it will be held as scheduled so check first their bulletin board or their official Facebook account for the details. These and other house rules and regulations will be discussed with you extensively upon joining.
  3. While the use of gym equipment is unlimited, attending the group exercise is not. There will only be 2 sessions in the morning, Mondays through Saturdays and 2 sessions in the evening from Monday to Friday. On this note, Anytime Fitness is not open for you any time.
  4. There will be an initial assessment of your body to see which part needs some improvement. It is a machine and will run for just a few minutes so I don’t know how accurate the result is compared to the general/executive check-up done in the hospitals.
  5. Access its not just anytime, its anywhere. For as long as you have your key fob, hitting the gym is not impossible, here and abroad.

If you are having second thoughts in signing up for practical considerations or because you think that it still won’t fit your busy schedule despite the flexibility that it offers, there are a lot of workout videos available in the internet to help you sweat the excess fat out within the confines of your home. I myself saved one that I use as an alternative whenever I missed the gym or whenever I feel like dancing. Click here if you want to see the video.

Find the one that suits you. In which way you do it, bear in mind that its founded on one important principle – Health is Wealth!

Inhale… Exhale… Inhale… Exhale…


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