Seafood Galore!

Meat is part of our daily meal so once in a while I crave for seafood. Eating at Dampa in Manila is always first in the list however, proximity becomes an issue. Here in the South, I chance upon 3 restaurants that serve great seafood dishes.


  1. Shrimp Bucket. It is at Solenad, Nuvali Sta. Rosa City, Laguna. We ordered Bags by the Pound from their menu served in plastic bags together with a bucket, wet tissue and plastic gloves. The bucket is where to put the shells and used tissue. With a hefty price tag, I would have wanted to choose crabs over shrimps since it’s my favorite. But the name of the restaurant dictates I should also order their specialty. Both looked, smelled and tasted sooooooo YUMMY! I must say I found another go-to restaurant next to Racks.img_1679
  2. Chefs’ Barrel. It is at Riverpark, Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. It caters buffet set-up just like Vikings, Yakimix, Buffet 101 and other popular buffet restaurants only that it’s more affordable at Php299 for lunch and Php399 for dinner. There are less food choices as expected but the price tag is already enough to overfill your stomach. They also hold events by the way. My not-so-frugal instincts wouldn’t let me splurge at the popular Vikings Venue so we choose Chefs’ Barrel instead to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.

    Note: Photo credit to owner

  3. Choobi Choobi. It is a newly opened branch at SM Sta. Rosa near the Cinema. This is where you can eat the cheaper version of Shrimp Bucket’s Bags by the Pound with Choobi Choobi’s Shrimp in a Bag, a must try in this restaurant. It’s tasty and delicious but not as good as what we had at Shrimp Bucket. You just get what you paid for. One trivia though… I’m pretty unconventional with a lot of things and there were moments that I choose comfort over style. Similar to what I did at the other restaurant, I eat by the hand sans the bucket and plastic gloves even if I’m the only one doing so at that time. Then I overheard someone said, “Nasa bahay ka?!” which I find rude and uncalled for. I simply ignored the person and continue with what I’m doing. To my mind I responded, “Walang basagan ng trip!” Now, as I write this blog and searching for more information about the restaurant, I found out that their tagline is “Mapapakamay ka sa sarap!” So there! Expressly stating that you can eat with your hands. Need I say anything more?



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