Stripes and Bay-ond

We made an impromptu decision in heading to the North, particularly at Subic Bay Freeport Zone, for some leisure time. The only intention was to go to Zoobic Safari but as we hit the road, we discovered other places to explore. In the end, the trip became 2 days-1 night travel escapade.

1. Zoobic Safari. The place is bigger than and the set-up is essentially the same as Paradizoo in Tagaytay. It’s not surprising because both are being operated by the same company. We bought tickets at the counter only to find out that there’s an on-going promo at Metrodeal that cuts the price into half (Sigh!). Inside are 11 attractions which will take about 2 ½ to 3 hours to explore and can be done by foot or by vehicle. For those who don’t have a car or preferred not to use their car, the park vehicles are available for a ride which arrives in their designated area at regular interval. We opted to join the group and ride in park vehicles to have that “tourist” feel. Their main attractions are Savannah, Zoobic Park and Tiger Safari where we expected to have an encounter with the farm, exotic and wild animals. Unfortunately, it’s unlike the African Safari that we imagine as there were no animals running alongside our vehicle. In fact, we barely see these animals. If we did, they were quite a few and just seated by the roadside looking weak and dehydrated.  At Tiger Safari, we had to buy raw chicken to entice the tigers and come to us. I wanted to feed them myself but for safety reasons, it’s the park attendants who actually did it. I just kept myself busy taking pictures and watching their exquisite stripes up close and personal instead.

2. Funtastic Park. We already saw this place on our way to Zoobic Safari. As soon as we finished our late lunch, we head straight to Funtastic Park. Again, there are promo vouchers available in the internet so better check that first if you plan to visit. (Sigh, again!) It features Mirror Maze, 3D Trick Art, Enchanted Forest, Dark Room, Science Zone, Optical Illusion Wall, Kids Learning Nook, Costume Area, Subic Bay History Corner, and many more. We personally enjoyed Grass Slide (for kids only) and Garden Maze Adventure the most.

3. Ocean Adventure. This is where we go the following day. Similar to The Manila Ocean Park, there are several attractions to explore. There are shows that features tips and advices on how to take care of our marine resources. There are also 3D wall art at certain areas for additional photo ops. Their main attractions are the Dolphin and Sea Lion shows allowing us to witness the awesome stunts of these aquatic mammals. If you have extra money, you can have close encounter with them at additional cost. Don’t forget to bring swimsuit though.


After going to Zoobic Safari and Funtastic Park, we spend the night at The Reef Hotel and Residences. It’s within walking distance to fine dining and fast food restaurants as well as some places to shop. The hotel is relatively new with spacious room and nice view of the sea. The room reservation is inclusive of breakfast courtesy of Pirates Bistro Restaurant. If you have inclination about history, there are monuments and other structures within the vicinity that talks about bits and pieces about Subic.

I’m sure there are other places to visit around Subic. I’m hoping to see more…



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