All set in 1…2…3!


Foundation, eyebrow mascara and lipstick are the only beauty products you need to look good and feel good without consuming too much time and effort – in my opinion.

Ever since, the no-makeup makeup look is my kind of style maybe because the comment/expression among peers, “Mukha ba akong espasol?!” when we do ourselves had psychological impact on me 😂😂😂. Such that unless it is necessary, I maintain my style for as long as I am neat and presentable be it personal or in the pictures, the absence of Camera360, notwithstanding.

If you are as lazy as I am when it comes to girly stuff or simply in a hurry to get things done, then you can try the following tips and tricks –

  1. Compact OR liquid foundation. If I can disregard this, I would. But my pimple marks, dark spots, blemishes and other skin imperfections are screaming for them to be hidden. I say “or” because for me either of them serves the purpose. Consider the weather in choosing which one to apply. Use compact powder during summer season to control facial oil and liquid foundation during cold season to make your dry skin less visible. This usually comes with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) for your sunscreen although whether its sufficient is I guess a matter of preference.
  2. Eyebrow Mascara. This feeds the scarcity of my eyebrows 😂😂😂 Some use this together with an eyebrow pencil for more defined brows but for me this one is enough. I like that it comes in liquid form not only because it’s easy to apply but also its long lasting. The eyebrow strands are coated perfectly making your brows seem thicker and fuller. It also blends well with your hair color which I bet is chemically treated (Meron ba pang hindi sa panahon ngayon?!😳✌️) Just remember to apply this lightly and as quickly as possible. You should be done before the mascara dries up otherwise your brows may appear awkward and obviously unnatural.
  3. Lipstick.
    This is where I play with colors depending on the occasion and on the clothes that I wear. I prefer matte finish even if my lips are not well moisturized. I don’t like that greasy feel on my face more so on my lips.

    There is no hard and fast rule on this. In whatever color you choose, the objective is to have one part that will likely be the highlight of your overall get up.

    Use nude colors when you are wearing colorful/bright clothes. However if you are wearing nude lipstick, you may look pale so applying light tint on the cheeks for a pop of color can do the trick. I seldom do that and I don’t like a number 4 in my list. On the other hand, use bright-colored lippie when you’re wearing light/dull clothes. There is no hard and fast rule on this. In whatever color you choose, the objective is to have one part that will likely be the highlight of your overall get up.

Certainly, there are various cosmetic products available in the market. As you choose, take into consideration the quality, the sensitivity of your skin and the price you can afford. The brand name will not reflect on your face anyway so go for whatever suits you best. Lest I forget, haul on sale and if your budget permits buy several pieces of each item you really love for that consistent beautiful aura.

Have you heard about a proposal to increase the imposition of excise tax on cosmetic products and beauty services? If this will push through, you may need to contemplate on downsizing your beauty regimen. Start with the above.

Remember, vanity for sanity 💄💋😊


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