Pose with the Paws

It’s my sister-in-law’s birthday, so when she asked us to celebrate it at Pups & Cups Dog Cafe in Paranaque, I said yes without batting an eyelash. We thought this is a good idea to try something different instead of the usual pigging out at fine dining restaurant on special occasion.

Similar to the concept of Le Cat Coffee Shop which we visited weeks ago, Pups  & Cups is a place for those who need to unwind through bonding with animals, this time with dogs. The same rules and regulations are being imposed in terms of precautionary measures, cleanliness and the like. However, something in this café set it apart from the other –

img_1725-11. As we arrived, I noticed that the place looks bright and airy. They used glass walls instead of concrete thereby creating an illusion of a bigger space than it actually is.

2. You have more food choices. We ordered tuna sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich and chicken cordon bleu. They all taste good. Even the drinks are thirst-quenching.

3. The dog lounge smelled stinky the moment we arrived. Don’t worry, it will disappear shortly. Thank God for our olfactory sensory neurons that our nose seemed to “get used” to it.

4. Early reservation is allowed.

5. The dogs poop and pee anytime, anywhere within the area. The staff is quick enough to do the cleaning, nonetheless.

A lot of us love dogs and wanted to own one. But many can’t because of the responsibility that it entails. Yup! consider that owning a dog is akin to having a child. You will feed them, bathe them, bring them to veterinarian and everything that it takes to give them the TLC they deserve. We know doing these things won’t be possible without spending a dime. If you have limited resources, or just too busy to personally take care of the dogs you probably need to think twice.

Try visiting Pups & Cups instead. The place is really nice for relaxation. A good way to Arf! your stress out. 🐶👍



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