A Pop of Colour

According to their official website, year 2014 when Colourpop launched in the “City of Angels”. It was a hit since then. And having Filipinos as the largest Asian population in California, I am not surprised when this latest craze bleeds in the Philippines. Out of curiosity, I bought a Lippie Stix and an Ultra Matte Lip. Both come in matte finish and their effect on the lips is the same… but not quite… here’s why.

  • Lippie Stix glides smoothly on the lips and you can apply it in several layers to achieve the vibrant hue that you want.
  • Ultra Matte Lip dries very quick so you have to apply it only once or at least before the liquid dries up. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like the look and feel of my lips when I make another swipe after the first application set in.
  • Lippie Stix keeps the color on your lips longer than an ordinary lipstick would but still leaves a mark on anything that it touches.
  • Ultra Matte Lip is smudge-proof and your onetime application will last until you call it a day.
  • Lippie Stix is hard to remove.
  • Ultra Matte Lip is even harder to remove.

I preferred Lippie Stix over Ultra Matte Lip until I figured out how to apply the latter correctly after several attempts. Now, I enjoyed Ultra Matte Lip much better. And because I only need to apply it once, I know this lip candy will give me a pop of color for months to come.


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