Lego: Not a Luxury Toy

As first time parents, we try our best within our capabilities to give our daughter everything that she needs… I mean basic needs. As much as possible we don’t give in to her worldly cravings to the point of spoiling her. And in terms of choosing her toys, we prefer Lego over anything else. Sounds contradicting?! Maybe yes. But the benefits we derive from playing with it justifies the price of this so-called luxury toy. Let’s elaborate.

  • All-in. Minifigures?!✔️ Doll house?!✔️ Cars?!✔️ Food?!✔️ Animals?!✔️ Plants?!✔️.  And a lot more that you can find in their collection.
  • Develops your child’s creativity, imagination and independence. “I can build anything I want” is what my daughter said when asked why she loves her Lego. With only a few sets, it’s amazing to see the kids’ ability to create much more than what is in the booklet. You will realize how rich the kids’ imagination is as they start explaining their masterpiece.

Lego City’s Police Station… as revised.

  • For kids and adults alike. Frankly, my child gets bored by following the building instructions that I always end up doing it myself, only to be dismantled to start assemble her own. But I didn’t feel bad. Building those Lego is such a fun thing to do.
  • Stress reliever. When I need some time off but can’t go on shopping, I resort to Lego and culminated the same – release the stress. To be able to follow the step-by-step guide from start to finish activates my happy hormones. Watch out for neck pain though.
  • Great way to bond with your kids. This covers laying the bricks on the floor, sorting out the colors, finding the piece that they need, dismantling the pieces with brick separator, be on the look-out for them not to step on the bricks which is painful, and keeping them thereafter.
  • Classic. It’s durable. You may lose several bricks at some point but knowing you can still make something out of what’s left, this toy can stand the test of time.

The next points are culled from research which I believe is noteworthy to mention.

  • Therapy. Take it from Dr. Daniel LeGoff, a clinical neuropsychologist in America, who spearheaded a social development program called LEGO-based therapy  especially designed for kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
  • Good investment. As read in, Lego may be considered a good investment given that its value appreciates by 12% each year since 2012. Just like your designer bags and watches, you can resell it for the same or more than the amount when you bought it if kept in pristine condition.

Meet the Creator

So, there you have it. Start collecting Lego and “brick”-a-leg!😊


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