A Peek of Vietnam

In my previous blog, I mentioned about taking advantage of business trips as a way to spend less for travel. I was lucky to have that opportunity. Recently, I visited Vietnam courtesy of my husband’s employer. It’s not easy as I thought it would be and in doing this for the first time, these are the points to consider —

  • Flight details. This gives you 2 options whether to book the same flight or look for cheaper deals to maximize your budget.
  • Hotel accommodation. I arrived 2 days after my husband arrives so he only picked me up from the airport. In case this is not possible for you, it’s a must that you know where to go.
  • Itinerary. Usually in this kind of trip, there’s a time to work and “play”. Since I can only join during their “play” time, I booked my flight right on point. However, if you don’t mind walking around alone then by all means do it while others are working. Just keep your mobile phone handy in case of emergency.
  • Be flexible and go with the flow. Bear in mind that this is not your trip and you are merely joining in, so flexibility is a virtue. And having a preset itinerary, all you need to do is follow.
  • Bring extra money. Since only your companion is free, anticipate that you will be asked to pay for your share of the expenses.
  • Expect the unexpected. My husband went ahead of me. To my dismay, I learned that they have done and been to a lot of places already even before I arrived. But that’s fine. At least I still get to visit some of the country’s tourist attractions.

Cu Chi Tunnel is a humble demonstration of how Vietnamese soldiers survived the war. How they managed to live underground and how their improvised weapon matched the then sophisticated ammunition of their enemies.

War Remnants Museum is a trip down memory lane during American-Vietnam war which lasted from 1955-1975.

Have that romantic feel cruising along Saigon River. Enjoy a full set meal over traditional Vietnamese music and a view of Ho Chi Minh City skyline.


A test of how your pocket money and bargaining power combined can go far and wide.

Overall, I had free accommodation inclusive of buffet breakfast, free shuttle/transportation services and a great company to blend in. Not bad, right?!


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